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Battery Backup Power Supply
When it comes to Battery Backup Power Supplies, one size does NOT work for
everyone.  That's why EV4U custom designs each unit for the needs of the
individual customer.
Every aspect is selectable:

  • Battery Pack Capacity (Run Time)

  • Output Power

  • Recharge Time

  • Recharge Source - Solar, Generator, Grid, etc.

  • We use Safe, Long Lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells
Common Uses

Backup Power during outages

Off Grid Uses

Time of Day Use

Construction Sites

Backup Charging for EVs

Emergency Backup Power for Medical, Refrigeration, Lighting, Computer
Networks, Essential Equipment, and More...
The unit above is used in our warehouse as a backup during power
outages.  Features 12.8 kWh and a pure sine-wave inverter, capable
of 6 kW of power (3 kW continuous).  Four 120 VAC 20 Amp outlets,
two USB plugs and one 12 volt power port.
It powers lights, equipment, Internet, WiFi, computers, and anything
else we may need at the time.
We also use it to recharge our electric shop vehicles during the day.  
We recharge the Battery Backup at night when the electricity rates
are lower.
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