Conversion Assistance
EV4U will assist you in converting your car from internal
combustion power to electric power.  You provide the
vehicle and all of the components, as well as labor, and we
provide the shop, tools,  expertise, and additional labor.  
We assist with the removal of the internal combustion
components, and installation all of the electrical
components.  We can assist with all or part of the process.  
We can even provide transportation of your vehicle to and
from our shop.  The service is provided at a fixed low rate
of only $60 per hour.  Contact us at
for more information or to schedule an appointment.
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  • Conversion Components
  • Labor to assist our
You Provide
  • Shop space
  • Tools and equipment
  • Trained and experienced
  • Transportation of vehicle
EV4U Can Provide
Components may be purchased through EV4U or other vendors.  To reduce time and costs, EV4U will
fabricate some components, such as battery containment, motor mounts, etc. ahead of time, and you
assist with installation.   Contact us at for more information or any questions
regarding this service.  Time availability varies, so each session is based on availability of shop and
technician.  Both weekday and weekend times are available, based on conditions listed above.
It is highly recommended that you take our 3-Day Hands-On Conversion Workshop prior to signing
up for the Do-It-Yourself Conversion Assistance Program.

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