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EV4U Services
Complete Conversion Service
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EV4U Custom Conversions offers Consulting Services for the
DIY community.  

Whether or not it's a specific question or general information,
we will answer your questions with a detailed explanation, so
that you have not only your answer, but a better
understanding in general.

We have a team of professionals, with expertise in many
fields, including, CAD, Mechanics, Electronics, Machining, and

Consulting Services are billed in 15 minute increments, at
$15.00 each.  ($60.00 per hour)  We typically answer your first
general inquiry for free.

Our main objective is to help individuals build safe reliable
electric conversions.  

Remember too, if doing it yourself is not for you, we offer
complete conversion service at our Shasta Lake, California
A quantity of one is equal to 15 minutes and cost $15.00.
Consult with the Experts at EV4U Custom Conversions
One on one via email, phone, or in person.
Consulting Service

Complete Conversion Service of your
VW Karmann Ghia, Beetle, Thing, and more.
Karmann Ghia
Complete Conversion
(60 mile range)
Classic Beetle
Complete Conversion
(90 mile range)

Sleeper Special
VW and Porsche Conversions up to 240 HP !!
346 lb.-ft. of Torque
Contact us for details and pricing.
Classic Porsche 911 or 912
Complete Conversion
includes all parts and labor
only $25,995
(60 mile range)
Boat & ATV Conversions
Our boat conversions offer the same clean, simple, safe, and reliable features that our vehicle conversions
are known for.  We can design and build a conversion that meets your requirements.  Contact us today to get
yours started.
Speed boats, fishing boats, patio boats, sail boats, all kinds of boats.
We are a couple miles from the largest lake in California, of course we do boats!
ATV Conversions too!
EV4U offers complete conversion service of your rolling chassis.


  • Internal combustion component removal

  • Complete conversion to electric using the highest quality components.
        No used or salvaged components used only new components with manufacturer's warranties.

  • A/C and D/C conversions

  • Professional Design

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Photo and video record of the process

  • Complete Conversion Manual with all warranties, schematic diagrams,
    component layout diagrams, care and maintenance instructions, etc.

  • Price Quotes and Consulting of your conversion

  • We are masters at blending form and function.

  • Simple, Safe, and Reliable Conversions are our Trademark.

  • All of our conversions are built around your requirements

  • Our conversions have been tried and trued since 2008.  Around town,
    on the freeway, and on the racetrack.

The cost for a complete conversion typically runs between
$20,000-$40,000 depending on range, vehicle, and performance desires.
Contact us about your conversion project.

Fast, Free Quotes
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Complete Conversion
Service also includes
an Operator's Manual
with all the conversion
component information,
wiring schematics,
component placement
diagrams, legends, etc
VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia Conversions also include lightened flywheels and high performance clutches.
Offering Complete Conversion Service
of all internal combustion vehicles, vessels, and equipment.