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Electric Cars Scoot, Gas Cars Pollute
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B.O.B. draws a crowd.
The Bug draws a crowd even
before the show starts.
The paint is fantastic!  Thank you
Artistic Paint & Body of Redding
B.O.B. enjoys the view.
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B.O.B. charging
before the Kool
April Nites cruise.
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21st Annual Kool April Nites
Car Show, Redding, CA
B.O.B. was designed and built to be a marketing vehicle, showing off the
quality conversions of EV4U Custom Conversions. Thanks to the excellent
paint job by Artistic Paint & Body it gets lots of attention.
The attention has been rewarding
Laguna Seca, Monterey, Calif.
The ZERO Race stopped in
Redding, CA.  EV4U escorted
the racers from the Oregon
border to Redding and
provided lunch.  For more
B.O.B. fans
TREV from Australia
Vectrix from Germany
Support van and trailer
EV4U founder, Richard van Wyhe
with ZERO Race organizer Louis
Palmer, and BOB