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Electric Cars Scoot, Gas Cars Pollute
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120 volt input and switching controls
which mount behind front battery box.
Wood frames for rear battery box
enclosure and speaker mounts.
You have to breath a lot of
fumes when doing upholstery.
Padded rear battery covers
with speakers in place.
Carpet installed, dash complete,
with installation of steering wheel.
Tires mounted on our chrome
rims, rear on the right.
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Deck lid installed, rear fenders
are next.
Deck lid, fenders, lights, license
plate and frame installed.
Close-up of license plate and
Motor compartment, note dual
cooling fans, and Impulse 9 motor.
Seats installed.  Still need to
finish doors.
View of interior.  Note batteries
visible and one speaker.
At last the doors are complete.  
The charcoal tweed looks great!
Due to the fluorescent light it
looks orange, but it really is RED.
View under the front:
Two of the twelve batteries are up
front, along with the battery
charger.  The area around the
batteries is upholstered, with
informational signage laying on
top.  It is hard to photograph BOB, as
he's been in a small private workshop
during his extreme makeover.
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