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EV4U Custom
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Electric Cars Scoot, Gas Cars Pollute
1973 Porsche 914
waiting to be converted
1999 Chevy S10
waiting to be converted
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Photo Gallery
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EV4U conversions are clean,
simple and reliable.
The Bug conversion features an
enclosed motor compartment.
The Bug has full instrumentation
including a PakTrakr.
As always, safety first.
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The best part of the Bug, it
doesn't use any gasoline.
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The Bug was photographed in front of our Shasta Lake, California facility.
The only way to drive to work.
Photo Gallery
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Photo Gallery
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A 1970 VW Beetle waiting to
be restored and converted.
Off to the show.
Answering the many
questions asked during a show.
Factory Outlet Mall
Anderson, California
BOB hangs out with some cool
cars.  Such as this 1962 Vette.
Check out the mirror finish of the
paint job by Artist Paint & Body.
Photo Gallery