EV4U Custom Conversions offers Consulting Services for the DIY community.  

Whether or not it's a specific question or general information, we will answer
your questions with a detailed explanation, so that you have not only your
answer, but a better understanding in general.

We have a team of professionals, with expertise in many fields, including, CAD,
Mechanics, Electronics, Machining, and Automotive.

Consulting Services are billed in 15 minute increments, at $15.00 each.  ($60.00
per hour)  We typically answer your first general inquiry for free.

Our main objective is to help individuals build safe reliable electric conversions.  

Remember too, if doing it yourself is not for you, we offer complete conversion
service at our Shasta Lake, California facility.
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A quantity of one is equal to 15 minutes and cost $15.00.

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EV4U will assist you in converting your car from internal combustion power to electric power.  You
provide the vehicle and all of the components, as well as labor, and we provide the shop, tools,  
expertise, and additional labor.  We assist with the removal of the internal combustion components, and
installation all of the electrical components.  We can assist with all or part of the process.  We can even
provide transportation of your vehicle to and from our shop.  The service is provided at a fixed low rate
of only $60 per hour.  Contact us at
info@EV4Unow.com for more information or to schedule an
Consult with the Experts at EV4U Custom Conversions
One on one via email, phone, or in person.