This is a roof mounted, grid-tied solar system that is
designed to harvest approximately 3400 KWh of
power per year. It is prepackaged to help provide a
fast, clean installation.

The kit includes everything needed for installation
except the roof penetration and equipment
grounding requirements, conduit, “home run” wiring
and interconnection requirements. These items will
be chosen by your installer to meet your specific

The system includes:

10 - API 230 watt PV

10 - Enphase micro inverters

1 - Enphase branch terminator

11 - Enphase 240V trunk cable-portrait/M215

1 - Enphase water tight cap for M215 trunk cable

10 - Weeb clips

6 - Grounding lugs for rails

6 - Pro Solar 3" rails

16 - Pro Solar 3" Fast jacks

16 - Pro Solar mid clamps

8 - Pro Solar end clamps

8 - Pro Solar channel nuts

25 year warranty on the solar panels.

25 year warranty on the Enphase inverters.

100% “uptime” warranty on the Enphase inverters
means that Enphase will pay you for down time if
the inverters fail. Visit for more
Solar Power for your Electric Vehicle
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EV4U Custom Conversions has designed a Solar Package sized to
provide enough energy to power the average electric vehicle
12,000 miles per year.
Package includes all manuals and
instructions.  Price includes shipping to
the lower 48 States.
Contact EV4U today to order your
Solar Package
Solar Power for your Electric Vehicle & Home by
Custom Conversions
You don't need no stinkin gas.  We can help.

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