Intermittent Wiper Kit for Classic VWs

Works with some early Porsche
  • Easy to install (3 wires)
  • Uses existing wiper switch
  • Fits behind dash (no one will see it)
  • Unique design specifically for Classic VW's
  • Click Here to see how they work
You choose the delay time.*  
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Now you can easily add intermittent wipers to your classic VW or
Porsche.  Does not change the appearance of your classic dash
and connects to existing wiring with only three wires.  This is the
simpliest and easiest Intermittent Wiper Kit to install on the
market today.

Watch our YouTube video to see how it works.

Single delay which is factory set to your specification.
That's right, you choose the time delay.
3 to 20 seconds is typical, but it is your choice.
Default setting is nine seconds.
The Intermittent Wiper Kit has a One
Year Limited Warantee against defects
in parts or workmanship.

Returns are allowed on unused (not
installed) Kits in the original packaging within
ten days of purchase.  All returns subject to a
15% restocking fee.

EV4U is not responsible for Customs Fees
and/or charges on orders shipped outside
the United States.