5th Wheel Trailer
Landing Jack
Lead Screw
Lubrication Tool
For use on Lead Screw type
5th Wheel Landing Gear.
Lead Screw
Lube Tool
This easy to use tool allows you to quickly and easily lube the lead screws on the
landing gear of your 5th Wheel trailer, or other equipment using similar sized lead

The Landing Jacks on your 5th Wheel Trailer are one of the hardest working and most
used components on your trailer.

When they fail, it is a royal pain to find the right size and to replace, and I bet it will
happen at the worst possible time and place.

By keeping them properly lubricated, you will save, time, money, and hassle.

Our Lead Screw Lube Tool makes the job quick, clean, and easy.

Works with all standard grease guns, and includes an end cap for quick and easy
clean up and storage.

This tool will outlast your trailer.

On Sale Now for Only $57.50

Sold complete and ready to use.

See our video for more information.
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