The Pack Saver

  Easy to install.

  Only 3 wires.

  Best insurance against accidental discharge of your battery pack.

  Can be used with any EV conversion.

  Only from EV4U Custom Conversions.


Why do you need The Pack Saver?

Because accidentally leaving on the ignition on your electric conversion can cause an over discharge of
your battery.  This can be a costly mistake.
The Pack Saver is cheap insurance against loss of your most expensive component.

How it works.

The Pack Saver is basically a timer relay which starts when you turn the ignition on.
The relay stays latched (ON) for a preprogrammed period of time and then unlatches (turns OFF).
The Pack Saver is reset every time you turn off the ignition.

Directions for Installation and Use.

To Install:

The Pack Saver has three wires.
Connect as follows:

Red Wire - From Ignition (Must be before any other circuit that can cause a drain on your traction pack).
Black Wire - Ground
White or Yellow Wire - To Ignition switched circuits (fuse block, etc.)  (40 Amp Max.)


Once installed, every time you turn on the ignition, it starts a timer, the timer ON time is determined based on your conversions battery
pack size/range.  If you forget to turn off the ignition, The Pack Saver will turn it OFF automatically, thus saving your pack from over
discharging.  The ignition is reset by turning the ignition off and then back on.  It’s that simple.

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Custom Conversions
The Pack Saver

EV4U Custom Conversions

Protects your most expensive EV component (your battery)
from accidental discharge, caused by leaving the ignition

The Pack Saver automatically turns off the ignition after a preset period of
time, thus saving your expensive traction pack from being completely
discharged accidentally.
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