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Custom VW Shift Rod Bushing

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All prices subject to change without notice.
Contact us with any
questions regarding
our components.
*If the Bushing fails at anytime while the original purchaser
owns the vehicle that the bushing is initially installed in,
EV4U will replace the bushing or refund the original
purchase price.  Off-road use voids guarantee.

Returns are allowed on unused (not installed) bushings in the
original packaging within ten days of purchase.  All returns subject to
a 15% restocking fee.

EV4U is not responsible for Customs Fees and/or charges on orders
shipped outside the United States.
Custom VW Shift Rod Bushing Kit

Contains Bushing and retaining clip.

**May Fit:
VW Bug 1949-74,
VW Ghia 1956-74,
VW Thing 1973-74
(See note below.)
Custom VW Shift Rod Bushing Installation Kit

The Best way to install the Custom VW Shift Rod Bushing
Includes installation video.

Kit includes custom tools for installing our bushing.
Custom VW Shift Rod Bushing Kit
and Installation Kit Combo

Contains Bushing Kit.
Plus Installation Kit.  

Time and Money Saving Option!

**May Fit:
VW Bug 1949-74,
VW Ghia 1956-74,
VW Thing 1973-74
(See note below.)
  • No other bushing is guaranteed for as long
    as you own your car.

  • Easier to install the shift rod with this
    bushing than a stock bushing.

  • Fast easy shifting.

The original nylon bushings are time bombs.
Once they fail, shifting is sloppy and difficult.

  • Repair the problem once and forever.

This is a custom bushing that is impregnated
with oil and is guaranteed for as long as you
own your vehicle.

  • Can be installed without grease, so it is not
    a greasy mess to install like the stock
Dealerships Available

Guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.*

The Combo Package is
highly recommended for
all vehicles where you do
not have easy access to
the shift rod bushing
hanger, as it includes the
custom bushing as well as
installation tools.
Saves you $10 over
buying the items
The bushing sold separately is offered to those who have a vehicle where you have access
to the hanger, such as some sandrails, and/or buggies.  Please note, the lifetime guarantee
does not apply to off-road vehicles where the bushing is open to the environment.  Only
stock vehicles where the bushing is located in the tunnel are covered by the guarantee.
**VW is famous for inconsistency in its model year
Add that to the fact that most VW's have been modified a
time or two in the last forty plus years, and it's hard to say
what will fit by year alone.
For instance, pre-1960 did not use a bushing at all.  But
many have been upgraded over the years.
That is why we have to specify compatibility by more than
just the model year.

If your vehicle currently uses a stock nylon bushing,
part #111701259A, and has a stock 22mm straight
shift rod, then our bushing should work on your vehicle.

The bushing is a clearance fit, and the shift rod should slide
through without being forced.  Forcing the shift rod through
the Bushing voids the guarantee and is no longer returnable.

Please Note:
EV4U is not responsible for any damages (to the bushing or
the vehicle) if you attempt to install the bushing in a vehicle
or on a shift rod that is not compatible as described above.

Please do not attempt to install this bushing unless you
have the mechanical apptitude to do this type of work.
Damaged bushings are not returnable.

"I installed the
bushing this weekend
and it works great.
What an unbelievable
Every Bug and Ghia
alive should have this

from New York
Important Information Please Read
Click Here for
Custom VW Bus
Shift Rod
Bushing Kit
May Fit 1950-1966
"I used your bushing for a
67 Beetle and WOW what
a great solution.
Thank You Very Much
for  engineering and
manufacturing such a
great fix."

"Thank you for the crazy fast shipping!  I ordered
the Bushing yesterday and it came today!!  That's
so quick I didn't know it was even possible."

from California
Click Here to Learn How-to Remove
and Install the Shift Rod the Easy Way.
Click Here to Learn How-to Install the
Custom Shift Rod Bushing using our
Installation Kit.