How is EV4U Custom Conversions Different?

Only One Company offers:

Complete conversion service.

Conversion assistance for the DIY crowd.

Component packages.

Design service.

Fabrication service.

Repair service.

Transport service.

Consulting service.

Hands-On Workshops

Solar Packages

How-to video series.

Educational outreach program.

Simple, safe, and reliable conversions that feature:

Ease of operation:
Turn the key and go, our conversions are designed
to be easy to operate and maintain.  Our designs
make maintenance and troubleshooting as easy as
it gets.

Weather or not you purchase from us, we are here
to help you design and build your own electic
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Unlike many companies in the industry, we return emails and phone calls promptly.
EV4U Provides the resources for
Complete Conversion Service, Design, Parts, Fabrication, Consulting, Repairs, DIY
Assistance and Educational Workshops and Videos.

Because EV4U Custom Conversions is the only company
truly helping you to successfully convert your vehicle to electric.

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