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EV4U Custom Conversions 3-Day Hands-On Conversion Workshops feature:

Classroom Instruction

Hands-On Shop Experience

Plus Participants Convert and Test Drive a VW Sandrail

All instructional materials, tools, components, vehicles, etc. are provided.

Lunch is on us.

Come learn from the Leaders of Electric Vehicle Conversion Education.

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3-Day Hands-On
Conversion Workshops

Both Public & Private
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Informational Videos

In character, in manners, in style, in all things,
the Supreme Excellence is Simplicity.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Celebrating 11 Years of Service to the EV DIY Community.
Taking the Guesswork out of
Converting From Gas to Electric
Online EV Workshop
Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.
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About EV4U

How is EV4U Custom Conversions Different?

It is the only company that truly helps you to
successfully convert your vehicle to electric from
start to finish.

The Only Company to Offer:

Complete conversion service within months, not years.

Conversion assistance for the DIY crowd, including
Parts, Workshops, email and phone assistance.

Component Packages; the most complete in the industry.

Online EV Workshop, learn at your own pace from
anywhere, anytime.

Design service.

Fabrication service.

Repair service.

Transport service.

Consulting service.

Hands-On Workshops

How-to video series.

Educational outreach program.

Simple, safe, and reliable conversions that feature:

Ease of operation:
Our designs, are safe, simple, and reliable.  Plus we
make maintenance and troubleshooting as easy as
it gets.

Whether or not you purchase from us, we are here
to help you design and build your own electric
Emails and phone calls returned promptly.
EV4U Custom Conversions
is the leader in
Electric Vehicle Conversion
Education and Training
and we offer
Everything You Need to Succeed.
Complete Conversion Service

Consulting Service

EV Conversion Components

Custom VW Shift Rod Bushing

Lead Screw Lubrication Tool
YouTube video from a happy customer.

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Convert your vehicle to electric.

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