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Boat and ATV Conversions too!
On Sale Now
Only $97.50
Providing Conversion Assistance from Gas to Electric with
Hands-On Workshops, Training Videos
Component Packages, Consulting, Design, Fabrication, and Repair
3-Day Hands-On
Conversion Workshops

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From Gas to Electric
For Only $7,500
What components to buy and where to
buy them.
Includes part numbers, wiring
instructions, etc.
Get the video with all this and more.
On Sale Now
Only $27.50
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Come convert this Sandrail
at our Workshops
EV4U Custom Conversions
Shasta Lake, California

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Nobody does VW and Porsche conversions better than EV4U
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Proven on the Racetrack

Check out the video from the world famous
Laguna Seca Raceway
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Taking it on the road for 2014

EV4U is taking their popular EV Conversion Workshops on
the road.  Starting Summer 2014, EV4U will be offering
1-Day Conversion Workshops in the SF Bay Area.  Exact
dates and locations are yet to be determined, but we are
seeking feedback regarding what day of the week and
location is most desired by future participants.
Email us at with your preference.  
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Learn what you need to know
before you spend thousands of
dollars on components.

Space is limited!

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This Workshop will SAVE you
Time and Money!