DIY Cost Estimator

This tool will give you a good idea of what it will cost to convert a vehicle from internal combustion to electric if you do-it-yourself.

Designed for vehicles under four thousand pounds.

This Estimator takes into account all of the costs, not just the main components. Keep track of your costs and let us know just how close the tool calculates. You may be surprised.

DIY costs can vary based on whether of not you use new or used components. Your talents and skill sets. Where you are located.

You will need some basic information in order to use the Estimator.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum weight of the vehicle as determined by the manufacturer.

The Curb Weight is the weight of the stock vehicle without any passengers and with all of the fluids topped off.

The Payload is the difference between the GVWR and the Curb Weight and the total weight of passengers and cargo the vehicle can carry. Once your vehicle is converted the total weight with passengers and cargo must not exceed the GVWR.

Click the Download button to download the Excel Spreadsheet.

On the spreadsheet, enter the GVWR and the Curb Weight.

Place a 1 in the box below the appropriate Weight Range.

Place a 1 in the box below the Payload. Either the Payload is less the 500 pounds or greater than 500 pounds.

If the vehicle has Power Brakes place a 1 in that line in the YES column.

Do the same for Power Steering and Air Conditioning.

Refer to the example below.