Success Stories

Since 2008 EV4U Custom Conversions has had one objective, to help others convert internal combustion vehicles to electric.  We do that by converting vehicles for those who are unable or unwilling to do themselves, and by providing the tools necessary to help the DIY crowd. For the DIYer we provide component packages, consulting, and our famous EV Conversion Workshops.

Are the Workshops worth it?

We have taught folks worldwide and they tell us it was definitely worth it. Many are just wanting to convert a vehicle for themselves. Others wanted to get into the conversion business. Some plan to add to their existing automotive related business.

Here are a few examples of what is possible after taking EV4U’s Workshop.

In May 2016 Peter-Jan Schouten from the Netherlands attended one of our 3-Day Hands-On Conversion Workshops.  He was one of twelve attendees of that particular Workshop.  He was one of three who have contacted EV4U after taking the Workshop to let us know what he has been up to. Check out EV Europe to see for yourself what he has been doing since taking the Workshop.

Peter-Jan Schouten is fourth from the left.

In July 2012 David Benardo from San Diego California attended our 3-Day Hands-On Conversion Workshop.  He told us he was interested in classic VWs.  Little did we know that he and his wife are marketing gurus.  They took their interest in classic VWs and their expertise in marketing and created the well-known Zelectric.  If you are not already familiar with Zelectric you can check them out at here.

In January 2019 an auto shop owner from Raleigh North Carolina took a private Workshop.  He said he was interested in adding EV conversions to his existing business.  Matt Simmons is a really nice guy and a successful business owner.  He did add to his existing business and it’s called RALEIGHEV.COM

Our Online EV Conversion Workshop may allow you to convert more than just your car, it may change your life.